Major investment in medical imaging from the Kimel family

Sinai Health System is pleased to announce a new $5 million investment in medical imaging by Warren and Debbie Kimel and Ron and Vanessa Kimel and their respective families.  Over the past decade, they have invested a total of $24 million in innovative imaging equipment and facilities, a medical discipline that touches nearly every one of our patients. 

Medical Imaging, which includes X-ray, MRI, SPECT and CT scans, continues to reshape the way care is delivered in an academic hospital setting. With nearly 200,000 medical imaging procedures conducted annually, over 95% of Mount Sinai Hospital’s patients are benefiting from newer, more precise imaging equipment and techniques which are fueling innovative diagnostic and therapeutic interventions such as interventional radiology (IR), nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, and image-guided surgery.


For example, Mount Sinai performs up to fifteen Interventional Radiology procedures a day, using imaging equipment to guide tiny instruments – including specialized needles, catheters and wires – to target and treat tumours, bleeding, infections and blockages in nearly every organ system. Compared to surgical treatments, these procedures minimize incisions and organ disfigurement, reduce risk, shorten hospital stays, speed recovery, decrease costs and improve long-term health outcomes.


The Kimel Family Centre for Advanced Medical Imaging at Sinai Health System is part of The Joint Department of Medical Imaging (JDMI) which also includes Princess Margaret, Toronto General, Toronto Rehab, Toronto Western, and Women’s College hospitals. Together, the Joint Department is the largest imaging cluster in Canada with 7 divisions, 73 radiologists and 700 employees.


This generous gift is part of Sinai Health System’s Campaign to Renew Sinai, the largest fundraising campaign in our history, which is helping to transform the facilities and delivery of care across the entire system and grow many of its internationally-recognized clinical and research programs.




“On behalf of our entire family, it gives us great pleasure to offer our gratitude for the exceptional care being offered at Mount Sinai.  We continue to be inspired by the advances in medical imaging that are making previously unimagined treatments possible for so many patients,” Debbie and Warren Kimel, Vanessa and Ron Kimel


“The Kimel families have been exceptional philanthropic leaders. As a board member of the newly formed Sinai Health System, Debbie Kimel continues to inspire our community, and provide leadership as we meet the needs of our changing patient population.  On behalf of our patients, I offer my thanks to Warren and Debbie and Ron and Vanessa for this exceptional gift,” Joseph Mapa, President and CEO, Sinai Health System


“We are deeply proud of the advancements that medical imaging has made over the years, and so very grateful for the Kimel family’s support that continues to fuel leading-edge care,”   Dr. Larry White, Radiologist-in-Chief of the Joint Department of Medical Imaging


“We are incredibly grateful to the Kimel families for helping to bring us to the half way mark of our ambitious Renew Sinai campaign.  Their gift will allow us to further grow the field of medical imaging, and help transform the footprint of our hospital, through our exciting major capital redevelopment project, ” Brent Belzberg, Chair, Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation

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