Healthy eating starts with a healthy breakfast

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No time to make a healthy breakfast in the morning? If so, you’re not alone—approximately 40 percent of Canadians skip breakfast regularly. According to Kristen MacEachern, a dietitian in Mount Sinai's Intensive Care Unit, it's worth the effort to make eating breakfast a priority. "Eating a healthy, homemade breakfast is good for the whole family," says Ms. MacEachern. "You'll model good eating habits for your kids, which helps improve their attention spans and can improve grades, and you'll increase your daily intake of important nutrients like vitamins A and D and potassium to keep eyes and bones healthy." 

To help you get your day off to a healthy start, Dietitians of Canada have developed a tip sheet with quick, healthy breakfast options and easy-to-implement planning ideas. For example, for a healthy breakfast on the go, try making hard boiled eggs for the week ahead, or bake whole grain muffins, pancakes, or mini frittatas that you can freeze individually and heat up quickly. Get more ideas.


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